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Structural Partners


Knowlegde Partner:
Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business

Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB) is a world-class business school in China that aims to develop current and future leaders with a global vision, a humanitarian spirit and an innovative mind-set.

Over the past 14 years, CKGSB has developed into a prominent business school with 45 full-time professors, who have earned their PhDs or held tenured faculty positions at leading business schools such as Harvard, Wharton and Stanford.

More than half of the 10,000 CKGSB alumni are at the CEO or Chairman level and, collectively, lead one-fifth of China’s most valuable brands. Together, their companies shape over $1 trillion in annual revenue, 14% of China’s GDP, which demonstrates the school’s impact and influence.

CKGSB has an European office located at 11–12 St. James Square, London.

The mission of the European Office is to help European companies to understand China and successfully do business with China via CKGSB’s customized executive programs and extensive alumni networks.

Please contact Mr. Bo Ji, Chief Representative for Europe and Assistant Dean at +44 207 104 2380 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Here are some of our flagship programs:

  • Understand China’s Next Move 
    Duration: 2 days — Location: Anywhere in Europe

    This concise yet comprehensive program allows participants to leverage China’s opportunities in their companies’ global strategy, while grasping how key functional areas—such as global strategy, marketing, finance, HR and supply chain management—truly work in China, and what impact the globalization of Chinese companies will have on their operations. Participants will be immersed in the market’s realities to explore China’s cultural and business environment.

  • Negotiating with the Chinese
    Duration: 2 days — Location: Anywhere in Europe

    A fundamental aspect of successful international partnerships – negotiation – will be the main focus of this program. Learning from some of CKGSB’s alumni of business elites, this intensive program will dive into the psychology of negotiation, its application to the Chinese, understanding cultural differences and how to achieve your goals, without damaging relations through the power of persuasion and understanding.

  • Cross Cultural Management
    Duration: 2 days — Location: Anywhere in Europe

    One of the main challenges for MNCs is how to develop a management style that is adaptable and efficient to each operational country. This challenge is intensified in China due to the culture-centric way of life immersed within society over hundreds of years. Many Western successful MNCs have gone to China and failed as a result of not understanding how to manage their staff. Our Cross Cultural Management program will help to break down the barriers of understanding the Chinese workforce and how to manage them in a respectful way. CKGSB alumni will share successes, failures and a series of detailed first-hand accounts of how it should be done.

  • China Advanced Management Program
    Duration: 5 days — Location: Anywhere in Europe

    CKGSB’s Advanced Management is an intensive program that covers all essential aspects of business that requires a higher level of management understanding and capability. CKGSB’s focus on delivering an elite China insight combined with its international business knowledge provides the opportunity to understand advanced management techniques in the world’s most exciting and adaptive market. The program is constantly referring to advanced management techniques with a specific focus on China and how to use them successfully and efficiently in a Chinese workplace, delivered by CKGSB’s China expert faculty with years of experience on an international scale.

  • China Entry Strategy:
    Duration: 2 days — Location: Anywhere in Europe

    The complete ‘how to’ of understanding successful businesses in China, this program will help you understand integrating and adapting your business into China and how to excel above the competition. CKGSB’s world-class China faculty have the most in-depth knowledge of all entry strategies, business models, successes and failure cases, which provides attendees with access to the world’s best China guidance. Profitable, sustainable immersion in China is the guarantee.

  • MBA/EMBA China Module
    Duration: 5 days — Location: CKGSB campuses in Beijing and Shanghai

    The China module provides a tailor-made China module to EMBA/MBA programs offered by business schools worldwide. This five-day program offers China-oriented classes and company visits, through which participants will receive a close-up view of China’s business landscape. Networking and peer-learning opportunities with peer Chinese executives will give participants complete access to and full advantage of CKGSB’s prestigious and influential global network.

  • China Immersion Program
    Duration: 5 days — Location: Anywhere in Europe

    Immersion in this context signifies the intense mental involvement of understanding all that is necessary to do business in China. With our expert China guidance and vast network, CKGSB has the power to ensure your business venture to China is a success, but it will require intensive learning of unique China insight information. The program will involve meeting many successful international business tycoons who have been through our program and speaking with them to understand exactly how they managed to become immersed within China.

  • Boardroom Briefing
    Duration: ½ to 2 days — Location: Customer’s headquarters

    Aimed at board-level senior executives who see their future as closely aligned with high-growth China industries, this unique program presents the multiple paradoxes inherent in China’s current economic, social, demographic and technological growth and the commercial mind-set needed to address them. Boardroom Briefing concentrates on multiple viewpoints, involving many of China’s foremost academics, diplomats, practitioners and senior government officials. CKGSB faculty and other world-renowned experts share their perspectives on the key drivers and levers that help Western organizations attain commercial success in China, and on how to ensure sustainability through periods of market transformation.

  • China Start
    Duration: 5 days — Location: CKGSB Beijing and Shenzhen campus, company visits

    This five-day program helps European start-ups to develop in China’s dynamic market. Combining our faculty’s original insights with our prestigious alumni network, this program also offers the opportunity to connect with potential partners and successful investors to give participants the boost their companies need to kick-start their growth in China. Investors will have the power to finance start-ups during the pitch stage of the program. Taking place at our Beijing and Shenzhen campuses, this program will also allow participants to visit successful companies and Beijing’s Silicon Valley that will help them to develop their China network. China Start is rigorous and fast-paced, designed for entrepreneurs who understand China’s importance in the world of digital and innovative business for the next generation.

  • China Immersion Program for Health Industry
    Duration: 5 days — Location: CKGSB Beijing and Shenzhen campus, company visits

    Comprised of a flexible five-day blended learning experience, this program can be tailored to meet the requirements and needs of the participants. The program takes place at our CKGSB campus in Beijing, China’s Food and Drug Administration in Beijing, and across a number of industry-specific sites. Amongst the many benefits, this program will allow participants to understand how to operate and generate substantial profits in China’s market; establish and develop business relationships with Chinese and Western health companies already operating in China; develop strategies to be able to adapt and cater for a changing China and understand the laws and politics governing the industry. With the knowledge, network and skills attained from this program, participants will have the opportunity to receive investments and develop partnerships for their businesses. This program is aimed at participants at the executive level looking to capitalise on China's health industry growth opportunity.


Silver Partner

Buren N.V.

Buren N.V. is an international oriented corporate law firm with offices in Amsterdam, Beijing, The Hague, Luxemburg and Shanghai and has diversified business practice. Today, the firm has more than 70 attorneys, notaries and international tax advisors providing a full range of services to domestic and international clients who conduct business nationally and globally.

Buren N.V. has a complete and officially licensed Chinese practice. From pur offices in Europe and China we offer localized services with great advantage – our lawyers are fluent in many languages such as Chinese, Dutch and English and they can bridge the gap between cultures and legal systems. We advise European clients who want to start, consolidate or expand their business in China and visa versa.


Platinum Partnership



Ageas is an international insurance group with a heritage spanning 190 years. Present in 13 countries across Europe and Asia, the company offers Life and Non-Life solutions to millions of Retail and Business customers.

Ageas helps customers to manage, anticipate and insure their risks through a wide range of products designed for their needs both today and in the future. Distinguished by an expertise in partnerships, Ageas has developed long term agreements with market-leading local financial institutions and distributors around the world allowing it to stay close to the customer.

As one of Europe’s larger insurance companies, Ageas is the No. 1 insurer in Belgium and ranks among the market leaders in most of the countries in which it operates. With a total workforce of more than 40,000 people (including the non-consolidated partnerships), Ageas is present in Belgium, the UK, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, China, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Ageas is listed on Euronext Brussels and is included in the BEL20 index.

Ageas in Asia

Ageas is present in 6 markets across Asia. The Asia regional office of Ageas is in Hong Kong.

We offer our customers a range of Life and Non-Life products through different channels of choice — including agents, brokers and bank branches.

We have well-established businesses in China, Malaysia, Thailand, and India — and in 2015, we extended our footprint to Vietnam and the Philippines.

In all of our markets, we develop joint ventures with highly respected local partners and financial institutions, and many of these partnerships have existed for more than a decade. These partnerships provide us with important access to customers and knowledge about the local market.

Ageas in China

Ageas has been active in China since 2001 when it entered into a joint venture with China Taiping Group. Ageas holds 24.9% in the capital of the joint venture.

The Joint Venture operates under the brand Taiping Life Insurance Co., Ltd, where it employs 23,417 people and has an agency force of over 220,000 (figures end 2015). The company is the 6th largest Life Insurer in China based on gross inflows (€ 12.0 billion) and has over +14 million active customers.

In 2006 the joint venture Taiping Asset Management Company Ltd. was established and in 2011 Taiping E-commerce Co Ltd, both as a result of the proven successful partnership with China Taiping Group.

Since the start of our partnership with China Taiping Group, Ageas has transferred international insurance skills and best practices through day-to- day management participation, board membership representation, training, workshops and knowledge exchange business visits to Ageas operations in Europe. Furthermore, the Ageas representative office in Shanghai and the regional office in Hong Kong have been established to ensure timely support and direct, efficient communication and collaboration between China Taiping Group and Ageas.



Bayer is a world-class innovation company with core competencies in the fields of health care and agriculture. Bayer develops new molecules for use in innovative products and solutions to improve the health of humans, animals and plants. Its research and development activities are based on a profound understanding of the biochemical processes in living organisms. Through its products, Bayer is contributing to finding solutions to some of the major challenges of our time. The growing and increasingly aging world population requires improved medical care and an adequate supply of food. Bayer is improving people’s quality of life by preventing, alleviating and curing diseases and the company is helping provide a reliable supply of high-quality food, feed and plant-based raw materials.

Bayer’s links with China have a long tradition, going back to 1882 when the company first came to China. With the country now among the fastest-growing markets in the world, Bayer has stepped up its involvement in the region. Today, Greater China (Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan) is Bayer's largest single market in Asia. Bayer is represented in Greater China by its three business divisions: Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Health and Crop Science, and operates several production facilities. Local production now accounts for an increasing proportion of sales in Greater China. With a number of major investments, Bayer is positioned to remain a key partner in China’s development.

In anticipation of increasing product demand in China, Bayer invested EUR 100 million to significantly increase the production capacity of its Pharmaceutical Product Supply Beijing Site which was inaugurated in November 2016. The planned capacity expansion was designed to ensure a reliable supply of high-quality products to meet the Chinese market’s demand for pharmaceutical products, including the company’s cardiovascular and anti-diabetes products. In its global research and development center in Beijing, the Pharmaceuticals Division focuses on phase I to phase III trials in China and the Asia/Pacific region. These trials form an integral part of Pharmaceuticals’ global development programs. Around 260 employees concentrate on substances in the current pharmaceutical pipeline and on in-licensed assets which are designated for the Asian markets.

Bayer announced in January 2016 a milestone opening of its state-of-the-art manufacturing site of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine in the Majinpu bioengineering and pharmaceutical industrial park in Yunnan. The site is Bayer’s second largest OTC (over-the-counter) manufacturing facility in Asia Pacific, which will greatly enhance the company’s integral capabilities in providing high-quality self-care solutions to meet the diverse healthcare needs of Chinese consumers.

Bayer has been active for over 60 years in Chinese agriculture, marked with constant efforts to introduce new technologies to Chinese farmers. In 2015, Crop Science launched 6 new innovative products in China covering crops of rice, corn, wheat, vegetables and fruits.

Bayer attaches great importance to being a good corporate citizen in all the countries in which it operates. In China, too, the company’s social commitment is based on the principles of sustainable development and the endeavor to reconcile economy, ecology and social responsibility. Bayer China Volunteer Association (BCVA) is an employee-driven service community that has been actively engaging more than 4,000 employees since 2007. Investing their time and skills, volunteers help empower women, provide care to the seniors, promote science and education among young generations, protect the environment, take green initiatives, and support charitable actions such as disaster relief and poverty reduction.


Italy China Foundation

The Italy China Foundation is dedicated to promote increased business and institutional links between Italy and China. The Foundation works with Italian and Chinese authorities to ensure that the relationship between the two countries remains strong and vital and that the business environment improves steadily for Italian companies in China and for Chinese companies in Italy.

The joint participation of institutions and private entities is a clear effort to achieve efficient coordination vis-à-vis the Chinese market. Thanks to its highly-qualified membership and standing the Foundation is a unified and effective voice for its members. The ample participation of the Italian and Chinese subjects to the Foundation’s activities is evidenced by the presence in the Board of Italian Ministries, Regions as well as important banks and the Association of Chinese Companies in Italy. The Italy China Foundation assists Italian firms in their on-going or prospective operations in China and provides support to Chinese companies seeking investment and business opportunities in Italy.